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Something which many would know, surveys are cost-free/cost effective depending exactly on the method which is being used by you. Google enables one to create forms free of cost and even an existing website of the company product can have the survey displaced. Some companies also wish to provide incentives to the people who respond to these surveys. Hence for these very reasons, one always has a choice between getting a survey done for free or to keep a budget for it. In person surveys are also easier as many retailer outlets have representatives for specific products who can survey customers there and then. Online surveys can also have a cost per response but these costs are very minimal and there are several options to choose from and compare before making the final decision to what online form should be used or which offline method is best suitable and in budget.


Surveys can be as extensive as one would want them to be. Ranging from all sorts of questions, services can reach out to as many respondents as one would want them to. No other form of market research can beat the extensiveness of surveys. They can cater to usefulness in a way which has the ability to describe the characteristics of a population in a very time-saving and cost-effective manner.


As surveys are the most common method for research, there are hundreds and thousands of tools available, both online and offline, to assess and analyse the findings of the surveys. There are entire programs and systems which analyze the results in the most smallest of details. In smart systems like a DSS, surveys can be an input to a number of findings and analyzing techniques which aid the very process of decision making. Import and export of data is very easy and is workable with all systems.


Surveys are a way through which organisations interact with their consumers/potential consumers. This interaction through surveys leads to a whole new dimension leads to participation of the customer/potential customer, to feel important to be taken into consideration for research purposes. Moreover it is also an easy way for participants of the survey to get any urgent feedback or opinion across.


The target audience is of crucial importance. Through surveys, one can select a particular target audience and create medium according to reaching them in the best possible way. This option to literally handpick the respondents is indeed one of the biggest benefits of using surveys.

Easy for Researchers

Surveys are indeed very easy for researchers to compile and read. Through the effective use of technology, surveys can be assessed and sorted in the most time-saving method in comparison to other means of primary research. Surveys are the most common method for research speaks volume about itself.


Surveys have proven to be fastest form of primary research in all ambits. Reaching out to the preferred audience has become no longer an obstacle rather a source of comfort thus leading to widespread use of surveys in all processes regarding data collection from stakeholders.


Due to the very reason that all information which is obtained through surveys is primary, the information which is gathered is very much reliable and accurate which makes it all the more valuable.

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Develop Your mailing list

First of all, you may want to make a list of potential customers to advertise to. The customers who come to you may develop an interest in your products or services. When signing in, you may require them to provide their email. And you can then use their email to send them product information.

Use The WiFi analytics

If you are doing a marketing campaign, make sure you choose the right target market. For this, you can use WiFi analytics as it can help you know more about your customers and the data sets about your potential customers. This feature can help you track conversions, return visitors and their visit frequency.

Reward Your customers

Getting new customers is no big deal. The real challenge is to keep them. One way to keep new customers is rewarding them from time to time. And free WiFi is one way of rewarding them.

With WiFi analytics, you can find out the customers you are losing as well as those who love your brand. With rewards, you can give something to your customers so that they could come back for more.

Social WiFi Marketing

Social WiFi marketing is another effective way of attracting new customers. This works when customers log into your WiFi through their own social media accounts. This way they don’t have to go through a long sign-up process.

When signing in through their social media accounts, the customers may follow your business social media pages, such as Facebook and Twitter. And if your social media followers go up, your sales will also go up.

Keep your campaigns relevant

You can work as hard as you can to increase your customers, but if you promote irrelevant material in your campaigns, you won’t get anywhere.

Only lazy people promote irrelevant content. At times, for engagement, all you need is an email saying thanks to your customers. In other words, you need to make your customers realize that you value them.

Don’t put too much pressure

If you want to attract new customers, WiFi marketing is one of the best methods, but you may not want to do it too much. Make sure you run your campaign smartly. With constant marketing, your customers may get driven away. You can space your campaigns out over time. In other words, don’t bombard your clients or customers will tons of emails or they may get tired of you.

bookmark_borderMarket Your Business Using The Hub Effect

In computers a hub is used to connect several computers to one network, that network is connected to other networks which then become hubs themselves and so on and so on it goes. Consider the world a hub, the world is made up of continents and they form hubs in a network of countries and countries form hubs in a network of states then districts, cites, municipalities, suburbs, communities and so on and so on right down to the individual. But it doesn’t end there; each individual forms a hub in a network of friends, family and acquaintances and so on and so on.

It proves beyond doubt that we are all connected; we are one with the universe and to think of ourselves as separate from, better or worse, smarter or dumber, black or white is nonsense, we are the same and we are connected together in a network that is unbreakable. The current financial meltdown is a good example of this, what happens financially in one country impacts on the next and the next and with the way the financial systems are set up in the world today no one is immune from it. Think of your roads as the links between hubs; roads generate inwards and outwards of a major city to other cities, theses cities are hubs with roads that connect to suburbs and these suburbs are hubs with roads that connect to your street and your home, without hubs we would be walking into brick walls everywhere.

A company is a hub, a company needs distribution centers which become hubs and these distribution centers distribute goods to shops which become hubs and from these hubs you buy their products. Sometimes there can be up to six or more hubs that products have to go through before they get to the final purchaser. A company may manufacture components that become part of another component and that becomes part of another until the final product becomes reality. Each step along the way is connected and each is a hub around which other things revolve.

If you are new to business by understanding this and using the hub effect you can set up a marketing program that will catapult your business into a money-making juggernaut in no time flat and even if you are a seasoned business man or woman being aware of the hub effect will help you to find where to direct your marketing budget and your sales campaigns much more effectively.

Let’s look at a new one person business wanting to get in their first customers for the first time and as is so often the case, there is very little money available for sales and marketing campaigns. The most common approach for a new small business is to go out and have printed several thousand flyers and pay someone a bucket of money to put them into letterboxes. This is very much a ‘hit or miss’ exercise, (mostly miss) expensive and gets very little return and unless followed up with a second and sometimes third campaign or captures the interest first time it will generate very little business. Another way is to place ads in the local newspaper (a newspaper is a hub) this will generate business but usually only over time as people see the ad and respond to it. You use newspaper to constantly remind people what you have to offer and they choose you when they need you because they have seen your ad either consciously or subconsciously each time they read the newspaper, it is used primarily to “Brand” yourself or your product. Newspaper ads are very effective but mostly are best used as a long term marketing solution.

The hardest and most expensive way to grow a new small business is to run marketing and sales campaigns that targets the single sale, in other words your marketing efforts are geared to get interest from individual potential customers that may or may not use you, these campaigns should only be used where there is a large margin as usually many contacts need to be sort to get results.

The easiest and least expensive way to grow a new business is to run marketing and sales campaigns that target several sales or more from one effort. This is done by using the hub effect in that the marketing and sales campaign is geared towards a group of people that have a common interest such as a club or networks. All clubs, networks, organizations and any group of people are hubs in that they have a central point of interest from which people revolve around to some degree or another and by directing your marketing efforts to just one hub you open up the exposure of your product or service to a far larger group of people therefore getting far greater value for money.

Hubs of people are everywhere and meet regularly and in most cases welcome special deals that are beneficial to their members. You can offer these great deals because of the savings you have made in getting this new business and you can gear your product or service to accommodate multiple customers or clients so that the savings you are offering do not cut into your bottom line. In other words ‘buy one and get the next at half price’ or ‘bring a friend and get a 30% off’. Discounted multiple sales is a great way to get your name out there and will always lead to single higher margin sales for the person that likes and will pay for individual service.

Ask yourself where there is a hub that would be interested in your product or service and put together a special offer that will be of benefit to the people connected to the hub eg. their members etc. You are literally surrounded by hubs of people that you can market to; it is only a matter of looking at it from their prospective and asking yourself what is in it for me, in other words see yourself as a member of their hub and ask what is about your product that will benefit you.

Also having a niche product is a very effective marketing tool, most new businesses believe they must market everything they do so they don’t miss out but this is often detrimental to growing a new business. By specializing in one aspect of your business you become a specialist and the rest of the services you offer will grow off the back of your specialty. If you have a diploma in Beauty Therapy you could specialize in facials, if you were a plumber you could specialize in unblocking drains; every business has about it a specialty that you could turn into a niche and use to grow your business from.

Remember, everybody and everything in the universe is either connected too, or part of, a network of hubs, so use this information to market your business and your business will grow rapidly and success will flow into your life, all through your life.

bookmark_borderPostcard Marketing Small Business

With the new web technologies for postcards, it’s super- convenient to just send one or as many as you need without the effort of hand writing, addressing and mailing each one.

What is particularly nice about postcards is that nearly any business or organization can benefit from a structured, targeted postcard marketing strategy. Take a look at some of the ways postcards can be used.

Thank you notes. You can send a quick thank you to anyone for any reason and they will be so surprised and pleased that you took the time. If someone sends you a referral or business lead, gives you some information you needed, mentions you in an article – send them a note that shows you appreciate it!

A follow-up offer or service. Within 30 days after a purchase of a product or completion of a service, send them a discounted offer for a related service or product. Don’t miss the opportunity for an after-sale contact.

Gift certificates or coupons. Show your best customers that you appreciate them by sending a gift certificate that they can use any time in the next year. Even better, leave a space on it for them to fill out a friend or colleagues name and give it to someone else to introduce them to your business.

Announce a new project or completed work. Postcards are perfect for photographers, web designers, architects, graphic artists, or anyone else who wants to keep their clients in the loop on what they are working on, with something visual and tangible.

Secret sales and pre-sales for preferred customers. Treat your existing and favorite clients to a sale that no one else knows about – or give them an advanced peak at your new product line.

Introduce products or services. Postcards are an economical way to inform people about your product or services, or announce new ones.

Announce a new web site. Create an announcement of your new web presence and invite everyone you know to come check it out.

Remember special days. Send your contacts a holiday greeting or thank you note for Thanksgiving. If you keep track of special dates in your customer’s lives like birthdays or anniversaries, you can send them a colorful postcard letting them know you are thinking of them.

Reminders. Businesses that rely on repeat business can take advantage of postcards to send reminders and its not just for dentists any more! Why not remind your past customers of upcoming birthdays or anniversaries, or special holidays like secretaries’ day or thanksgiving, at just the right time? Or perhaps your database tells you when they have likely run out of whatever they bought so you can send them a reminder that its time to visit you again.

Just staying in touch. People like to be remembered and postcards are an economical and easy way to say “thinking of you.”

Recognition. Send out a postcard to let people know your good news about accomplishments and awards or reviews you have received.

Invitations to an event. Postcards can be used to announce seminars you are speaking at, open houses, book signings, and any variety of special events.

bookmark_borderSecrets For The Modern Entrepreneur

War is just metaphor for the application of force. By understanding the nature of war, you can apply this understanding to business. You can apply the principles of war with elegance or with crudeness. It is like knowing the difference between a charging gladiator and a meditating warrior-monk.

Here are some warrior secrets that have been derived from traditional Maori martial arts and modern military tactics. Adapt and apply some of these principles into your life and business.

The Power of Oneness.

When tracking and observing, you need to become one with your environment. The trees, the insects, the wildlife become your eyes and ears. The forest becomes part of your body. In order to reach this level of feeling, you need to become one with yourself. This power of oneness begins with the point of stillness. You need to slow down your thinking and relax into yourself. Slow down your thoughts so that you can sense your own body. Tense muscles. Nervous responses. Stressed breathing. Just slow down and take time out from your busy work environment. Spend an hour of slow thinking each day. Do nothing during this hour then move when you are ready. The modern entrepreneur is like a scout, silently observing then moving with swift, efficient actions.

Know Yourself.

Know your strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes it takes honesty to admit your own weaknesses. Your partner, your children or close friends can all be good mirrors. They reflect back both your good and ugly features. The ego of a mighty entrepreneur can be easily pricked by the honest opinion of his 4-year old daughter. Your results are also another good indication. What results are you getting? Look around you for 360 degree feedback. Put yourself in uncomfortable positions so that you can stretch and grow.

Know Your Enemy.

I said know your enemy, not kill your enemy. Sometimes your worst enemy can be yourself. Sometimes your enemy is called your competitor. Try this. Look at your competitors as potential allies. Study them. Think like them. Talk to them. Understand them. They very much want the same things in life as you do. Yet be like an iron fist wrapped in a velvet glove. Negotiate and operate from a position of strength and honour rather than weakness and deceit. The energy of your values and beliefs radiate out from you like a force-field. What energy are you sending out?

bookmark_borderWork At Home Moms

The internet, along with a wide variety of tools, now allow moms working from home greater freedom to pursue their careers while tending to the needs of their family. In the past, mothers whose families required a second income often found it necessary to return to the work force. This required a great change in their lifestyle. They often found themselves facing long and difficult commutes, along with the emotional upheaval of leaving their precious little ones in day care.

So it is not surprising today to see more and more moms who work from home. Some moms who work at home have been able to do so by making arrangements with their employer that allows them to do most, if not all, of their job from home.

Others have left the outside job market entirely to pursue a home based business. Some have found success in the more traditional direct sales businesses that have been around for many years.

But internet marketing has also opened up opportunities for mothers to work at home. Setting up a website and marketing via affiliate programs has opened up possibilities unheard of for previous generations of stay at home moms. As more and more young mothers yearn for the freedom from the rat race, they look toward technology and the internet specifically to release them from the need to pursue employment outside the home.

As this new generation of mothers learns that working outside the home is not as glamorous or as fulfilling as they have often been led to believe, more and more of them, both married and single, are turning to technology to earn an income from home while allowing them to be available to their children.

As technology advances, no doubt we will see more and more mothers who take advantage of the opportunities provided in this new marketplace. The freedom to stay at home with their children is a gift that they have been given, and many young mothers are taking full advantage of it.

bookmark_borderAbout Entrepreneurial Abuses

However with all these truths, I have witnessed start up entrepreneurs who are bathed in credit card debt, upside down in home equity and on the verge of losing their jobs, who wish to start a new start-up company. When designing their business plans the first thing they say is; “I need a minimum of $5,000 per month to live on” well welcome to the real world, because until you get funding for your project no one is going to be paying you a G-Darn Dime. They say; “But we will sell millions of these products, on TV infomercials!” yet they do not even have a prototype to show anyone and not even certain if the product is possible in building in the first place.

Recently I got a little miffed at one gentleman who had this line of reasoning and told him point blank, it will not work and said;

“Too bad you cannot get by on less than $5,000 per month. Too bad you cannot or are not willing to work more hours. Too bad you do not have any investors lined up. Too bad you do not have an executive team ready to jump into Phase II. Too bad you do not want to make it yourself, get your hands dirty and have no confidence in building the first one. Too bad you are afraid. Too bad you have never done a TV infomercial product before. Too bad you have never done a seed to weed business concept before.”

bookmark_borderMarketing Tips to Grow Startup


In today’s digital world, a website is a necessity for a business whether it may be big or small. Moreover, 24/7 customers will be on the Internet. So, your business or company don’t have any visibility on the Internet, then your business to going to lose some great opportunities. A website is the one which makes to accomplish different marketing strategies and makes your business to grow.


Many businesses have yet to realise how videos plays a significant role in the corporate world. Videos are part of communicating with your customers, new product or service announcements, and product or service updates. Therefore, you have to ensure that your videos are of the highest quality as the success of your business relies on this factor. Videos can be of different types like corporate videos, explainer videos, demo videos, product or service videos, and presentation videos.


These days mobile applications are playing vital role in the business. A research shows that the time spent on the mobile phones has increased 575% when compared to the previous years. So, apps are becoming the dominant form of digital interaction. The customers in today’s world are on the move and they’re using mobile application platforms to get there.


Infographics express complex messages to viewers in a way that enhances their comprehension. They represent the visual information which helps to engage your products or services. Images are often an extension of the content of a written article, but infographics convey a self-contained message or principle.

It creates a user engagement where they can understand easily about your product or service.

There are many types of Infographics like Cause and Effect Infographics, Quantitative Infographics, Chronological Infographics, Product Infographics. Choose the best infographics which your business needs.

bookmark_borderStart a Paper Shredding Business

Even in many homes, people have purchased small, trash can sized paper shredders for mail and receipts. Most businesses will not be able to shred the material they have by purchasing one of these same machines. First, the small machines are not capable of the volume. Secondly, companies in general are downsizing staff and it is unlikely that they are going to pay someone to feed documents into a tiny shredder all day.

That is where you come in. Investing in a paper shredding business now is like buying a gold mine. The list of documents the Federal Government says must be destroyed is getting lengthier everyday. Every time you sign a document, be it a job application or a credit card receipt, there is a time limit that the receiving company has to hold that document. After that time limit, they are required by law to destroy, or shred, that document.

Large corporations can take in thousands of signed resumes’ a year. Restaurants and retail outlets that have not gone to electronic signature devices can have thousands of credit card receipts a month. Think of all the banking records that come due for destruction every week. Now think about the amount of tax documents that need to be rotated and destroyed every year. These are just a few examples of the growing necessity of paper shredding businesses for confidential document destruction.

Mobile shredders are a fantastic investment, as the shredding device is built into the back of a large truck trailer for onsite paper shredding. This allows the shredding company owner to go to the client for onsite shredding. Companies spend thousands of dollars warehousing these documents that often get kept years past their required time because no one wants to deal with all that paper. Mobile paper shredding would allow you to go directly to their warehouse or storage facility. Clients will appreciate not having to pay someone else to have all of this information brought to you.

Even in this electronic age, there are still things that will be in paper form. Recorded documents and legal papers are still required to have pen and ink signature. Many companies are even having computer components such as hard drives and floppy disks shredded for security purposes. The federal government requires such stringent privacy laws due to identity theft and fraud, that nearly any document with a name and address on it must be destroyed after a certain period of time. This continuing process virtually guarantees that a confidential paper disposal service would thrive in the right hands.

Time limits for document destruction will play in your favor as well. Nearly every set of documents has a different holding date. For example, resumes and cover letters have a hold date of one year, if the applicant was not hired. Hired applicants can have part of their file destroyed in three years, for example, the application and some privacy statements. Corporations as well as individuals are required to keep tax records on file for three years. Companies that process financial data, such as banks and paid tax services, will always have documents that are in need of destruction. This gives you the perfect opportunity for a home employment paper shredding business.

Things to consider when thinking about a paper shredding business will depend on what type of service you wish to offer. Having a fixed location where people can bring their records to you for destruction is one idea. However, it is worth considering purchasing a mobile shredding unit in addition to this or even as the sole business operation. Mobile paper shredding will allow you to be even more flexible to your clients needs.

The demand in this industry will only be growing in the coming years as laws and policies change. It is clear that this is a growing enterprise. Be it on site shredding with a mobile shredding unit, or a permanent paper shredding location, you can be sure that there is a public in need of this critical service.

bookmark_borderCreate a Business and Life You Love

Entrepreneurship is supposed to bring joy and fun for you and others while making a contribution in the world, right?

Why, then do entrepreneurs often find themselves: Trying to hold it all together at the expense of their time; Overwhelmed or overloaded; Not having enough energy on those very things that invigorate them, like reading their favorite book, participating in their favorite sport, or walking the dog.

If you recognize some of these points in your own life, these are telltale signs you may not have created, or have something missing, from your existence system.

What’s an existence system?
Simply put, an existence system is a system designed to put your ideal scenario into reality.

My clients use a Business Blueprint. Even though it’s called a Business Blueprint, it is designed to align all areas of their life – both personal and professional.
Because it takes a systems approach, or a whole view, it’s designed to align your vision, mission and purpose with your goals. When you do, you have an aligned road map. The moment something is not working, it’s easy to refer to the Blueprint to see how you got off track or what’s missing.

To create a business and life you love, one of the first things I recommend to my clients is to look at their goals through four filters. One of the filters is the internal filter or what’s most important to them personally.

All too often, business owners develop their financial goals and forget about creating goals that add meaning in their life. The things that would fall under your internal filter would be spending quality time with your loved ones, taking more vacations, or being physically fit. Often times, however, these are the very things often missing from your goals.

In life, not everything is planned. This process can be used to address an unexpected event, too. One day a client called me to share that her husband was diagnosed with cancer. My client suddenly found herself trying to juggle multiple areas of her life, feeling exhausted, and out of sync.

We worked together to develop a forward-thinking goal of health and wellness (for her and him). She then jotted down all of the related objectives and action items. She admitted that it didn’t occur to her to apply the intentional approach she takes with her business to her personal life.

Most people don’t use this intentional approach to their personal life but it makes a profound difference. This was a similar approach that I used for myself over 20 years ago when I had a cancer diagnosis. I remember it gave me a sense of comfort during an uncomfortable and emotional experience.

After adding this personal goal and shifting some of the other goals in her business, she conveyed a sense of relief and control. This approach helped her to re-prioritize all of the things she had on her plate and lead herself powerfully through this unexpected event. Today, her husband is in remission and is living a life of health and wellness.

As an added benefit, she was then able to spend time on what was most important, use her resources more effectively, and powerfully manage all areas of her life, including her business. She began to see a new possibility of her plan being accomplished with complete ease and peace of mind despite the circumstances.

If things aren’t happening as you would like, you’re scattered, or feel overwhelmed, it may be an indication that you’re simply missing important personal goals in your existence system. If you want to be fit and healthy or attend more of your children’s events, have more vacation, or spend more time on things that energize you, that can all be created through your existence system.

The first step is simple. List what you would like to create in all areas of your life. Don’t stop there. Create an existence system to take it from possibility to reality.