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When last have you go on tour? Now I haven’t travelled shortly but let me tell you regarding the last time I travelled. So I had just graduated, right? My dad thought “Oh you have done great, baby girl. You deserve your accolades along with a treat”. How could I say no to this? Who would decline anyway?

I remember clearly, it turned out a late Friday in July. I had gone shopping the prior days so I was well stocked with clothes and accessories. Oh! I was wanting to shine, I was ready for everybody to know my “Ideniny”. First of all, I was excited that I can’t sleep for many days. Friday came and I was tired, I slept through almost all of the day and I almost missed my flight.

That would have been tragic!

Fast toward actually reaching England. So we made a decision to tour England somewhat. We went from Liverpool to London to Manchester to Brighton to Leicester and for that reason many more cities. I was with a roll people. Dining out, occurring bus tours, visiting Madame Tussauds, the London eye plus a lot of attractions.

We went from hotel to hotel; ultimately we had arrived travel nomads at this point in mind. Can’t say I wasn’t sad when I were required to leave and are avalable back home. Of course, I knew there would be other chances to go again but I’ll be honest, I did not would like to come at home. I wanted to be there forever. I actually begged my parents permit me stay back but they also said “NO” and this was it.

You do not wish to argue with the parents, particularly when they are Yoruba. Look, my mom can be a no-nonsense woman. Yes means Yes and No means No. You get from line, you receive checked perpendicularly.

You’re probably wondering “Isn’t she gonna tell us about each of the places she went to”. Well, I could discuss visiting Madame Tussauds and seeing hundreds of life-size wax figures. I was completely entranced. They looked so realistic. It was uncanny; almost disturbing if I’m being totally honest.

I could also mention visiting Warner Bros. Studio. Look let me tell you, this kind of adventure to be real an adventure I’d want to repeat anytime. All day, everyday. Call me a kid, but seeing the studio where a number of my favourite movies stumbled on life, I was giddy. Lightheaded even. Guys!!!! Harry Potter was given birth to in that studio. All 8 movies. How could I stop excited? laughs in childish

Now, if you need the best tour of London, access it the Big Bus Hop on Hop off tour. Best believe you will see almost everything you’ll want to see. You’d be in the double-decker bus so that you can sit from the lower deck or perhaps the open deck, will depend on the weather really. The weather in London could be very “bipolar” if I do say so myself. But whichever tickles your fancy. Popular places with this tour range from the London Eye, Kensington Gardens, St. Paul’s Cathedral plus the Tower of London.