Make Import Easier

  1. Find a supplier and stick to them:. What kind of goods are you going to import? What kind of supplier do you need? Ask these two basic questions to yourself and you will get the proper answer. A good supplier will not only help you with documentation but help you build relations too. Trust the supplier and do not change them. Stick to one. You can talk to the supplier on phone to make better terms and understand the conditions better.
  2. The License:. The benefit of gaining trust and building terms with the supplier is that the shipper is required to comply with the government rules and regulations. You need to ask him about the shipper’s permit or any kind of license you might be needing for an import. If he asks you to make one then learn the details from him and how can his company help you on this. Usually, these suppliers have contact with the licensing department and so their contacts can help you good.
  3. Weights and measurements:. Whichever product you wish to import, there should be certain rules for them to import. A certain weight is decided which you need to follow in order to make a hassle free import. Compute the weights and measurements by referring the official website of the country. Mention the weights on your carton.
  4. Custom clearance:. Apart from supplier, find a trusted transport company which can help you with custom clearance, prepare the documents, collect payments on your behalf for an affordable fee. Make sure to ask for receipts. Do not overlook the expenses. The key lies in building strong relations with them.
  5. Calculate the cost:. Right from the supplier to transportation cost. Work out everything on a paper and check the receipts before making any payment. Choose a payment method which suits you. Work out on a payment getaway which works best for your cash flow. You can even contact your bank for the same.