Work Ethic of Entrepreneurial Start-ups

What level of commitment is necessary to take a new high-tech product from seed to weed? What does it is absolutely required in terms of dedication in order to start in your garage and build a prototype to launch into the market? I believe it takes a massive amount of perseverance and it is not something to take lightly. I believe it takes a 6 month to one year every waking hour time frame with all the personal character, stick-to-it-ness and inner will you can muster.

Many entrepreneurs say that they can make the sacrifice for 6 plus months to get the real freedom they need. Of course in the same breath they say they need a minimum of $4,000 per month just to survive. Others say they will do what ever it takes for as long as it takes if they have to sleep on a cot for ten years eating Top Ramen and Macaroni and Cheese. If this is where you stand, then I say “Good” because if you do not win the games leading up to the championship you are not invited to play. And it will take everything you have, every step of the way.

And to that point; It is not that one should not make family time, as the pre-determined choice to have offspring comes with obligations and responsibility. My thoughts are rather that sometimes the entrepreneurial start-up star might have to work a Saturday and take off two nights during the week to make up for it. I believe that cumulative violations of family obligations are similar to sleep deprivation, which can have a long term and dire effect if not dealt with in moderation. I only wish Tookey Williams parents had cared as much as the entrepreneurial parent does.